Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trust is a word that has been coming up in my mind a lot lately. I fail everyday to remember that God is in control and if I will JUST trust him, I will experience an overwhelming peace.  One of my best friends and sunday school teachers taught us something so cool one time.  She said that when she was younger, she was told to find something in nature, that is rare enough that you notice it when you see it but common enough that you see it often.  She said she picked a redbird.  Well, I think I thought about picking a butterfly, but every single time I see a redbird, I can't help but be reminded.  She said that every time we see that piece of creation, we should be reminded that God is in control, that his peace surpasses all things.  What a gift!  I was going to write about this on Friday but for some reason I got stressed and didn't.  Then this weekend I was sitting on the back porch at Rob's house and down flies a redbird. It sat very close to me for a long time.  I am so thankful for the Lord's sovereignty in my life.  His constant presence is such a gift.  

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