Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the Lord is sovereign

The Lord's timing is impeccable, it's right on, fashionably on time. Why do I worry? Why do I get worked up and anxious? Why do I try to control my life, my plan. I keep things on my schedule, on my clock, when really all I have to do is let go. Because God has got the clock under control.
He is sovereign. When I am ready to give up the Lord grabs the reins, he grabs the arms of the clock and just makes things happen.

Last Tuesday I got an email from a stranger asking me to come for an interview at his company the next day, I told him I couldn't, he said to come Monday. I went Monday, I was late. He interviewed me, I left, he called me 15 minutes later, asked me to come back. I went back, sat down, he offered me a job. I took it.

Impeccable timing? I'd say so indeed. Should I continue to hold on to my plan, my schedule? probably not...he'll override it anyway. And his plan is ALWAYS better than mine anyways.

I finish class next week and start work the Monday after. pretty perfect timing indeed.
I think I'll quit trying to control the clock and let Him handle it.

the Lord is sovereign.


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