Friday, July 30, 2010


Well I don't feel like I've really said a whole lot the past couple of weeks, so if your not in the mood to read, please dont. But I'm going to kind of give a run down on life lately.

nashville is awesome, first of all. i never thought it would be so easy to get aquainted with a big city so easily but it really hasn't been too difficult. work is literally 5 minutes from my house, the grocery store is 2, sweet cece's (i should probably introduce you to this yogurt shop) is 3 minutes, vandy is 7, belmont- 7, friends, 5 to 10 to 30 minutes. it really hasn't felt like a big city. now granted, because i clearly stay within a 10 minute range from my house, i havent really done a whole lot of exploring. we are trying to eat out at new restaurants occasionally, budget willing. so... its quaint, cozy, homey here. i like it.

my family and i went on vacation in north carolina last week. lots of adventures were had-- tubing, rafting, hiking, you name it we probably did it, including indoor skydiving and ziplining. adventurous you say? no not really, just posers for a week. but i think we could probably do it again. our cabin:work is great. learning alot about real estate, nashville, and my responsibilities. My boss and co-workers are wonderful. they really do make real-estate fun.

thats all here. i can't think of anything else to let you in on. if you can think of something... let me know.


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