Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flea Market

Lace purchased this...
OK--- So here is my disclaimer... I see all these flea market/antique store pics on other blogs and I always think... I wonder how dumb they looked taking all those pictures... Well ladies and gentleman. I did it. It WAS really embarrassing. I felt silly and had a hard time pulling out my camera. BUT, I did it. Lacey was with me too. haha We ventured over to the Nashville Flea Market early (7am) on Saturday morning and found lots of treasures! But you know what I realized.... we didn't even take pictures of the things we bought. See, we're amateurs. But here are some things we did find...
Chilton County Peaches
Turtle Shells...pretty crazy.
These awesome letters that were REALLY expensive. We tried to bargain but failed.
Lace and I both wanted these awesome trunks for our rooms...
Cool baskets for organizing.
Incredibly cool light fixtures... My friend Caroline has this over her kitchen table!
Wings and water jugs
The Flea Market was super fun. Can't wait till next month!


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  1. Thanks for sharing not only your pics but your apprehensions! I'm heading out soon to the Treasure Hunt, which is 400 miles of yard/garage sales across Kansas, in September and plan to document it in pictures and video. Do you have any tips for me? BTW: your pics are great!