Friday, October 8, 2010

A monster fun weekend is coming...

In preparation for an AUsome weekend and in celebration of all things October I made MONSTER COOKIES! I learned about these delights from Steph and Fletch... the soon to be bride and groom (uh hem 1 month). They made them on steph's birthday in the spring and I really think I had been living under a rock until then because I had never heard of monster cookies?!!!? But... they are a great Halloween treat, monster cookies. get it? and they have a monster of yummy goodness inside!
in reference to the AUsome weekend that is coming... Em and BJ are coming!!!We're heading to Kentucky for the Auburn game as well as..... The Keeneland Opening Day....
We'll be placing our bets and watching the opening races in Lexington tomorrow! I imagine rob and bj will be re-enacting a little bit of seabiscuit... Emily and I will be standing by enjoying the scene. can't wait!



  1. Guess what?! I'm going to Keenland NEXT weekend :(

    Can't believe you're going to the races though LEE!!! That's so great! You're going to LOVE IT!!

  2. Sarah!! I knew it sounded familiar... I guess it's from you! I can't wait!