Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review from the weekend

I told you last week that rob and I's dearest friends, Emily and BJ were coming to town! Friday night we enjoyed a progressive dinner... started at The Patterson House- a modern day speak-easy with really cool atmosphere, drinks, and food. Then moved on to Marche for a festive fall meal- the boys had hanger steak while em and I enjoyed butternut squash tortelloni not to be confused to tortellini. And lastly... we headed to sweet cece's. The ultimate dessert.
On Saturday morning, we headed to Kentucky. We packed in the car with coffee in hand at a wopping 5:30am and hit the road. The drive was BEAUTIFUL! Kentucky is fairly flat farmland with some rolling hills. Lots of farms, silos, and the trees were changing colors as we drove! We enjoyed the sunrise and breakfast from Waffle House in Elizabethtown.
Sarah was with us too!We made it to Lexington around 10:30 and headed to Keeneland for the horse races. We quickly learned how to place our bets and the best spot to see the race. We started out like beginners, placing $2 bets on 1 horse that it will "win, place, or show" AKA place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I lost the first 2 races and gave up after that! Rob won once and Emily won once... BJ... lost everytime. Sorry Beej, you and I weren't so hot.
Ran into this cute thing....

After the races... we moved on to Auburn Football! Ate dinner at Cheapside Bar and Grill suggested to us by Garden and Gun, our Bible and Map throughout the weekend. While eating we enjoyed the Alabama/South Carolina Game. :) We loved watching South Carolina beat up on Alabama. We headed to the game and enjoyed our seats next to the coaches wives! Very fun to watch the Auburn Coach's Wives be sooo enthusiastic about Auburn Football!! The game was intense but we wouldn't have it any other way. Cam Newton was SO fun to watch and I loved cheering with so many Auburn fans for the first time since last year! Looking forward to Auburn this weekend when we face ARKANSAS.Last story... On the way home Sunday morning we were all re-capping the weekend and talking about how much we love Auburn. All weekend, em, bj and rob had been talking stats, players, coaches, etc. Details of the sport, that honestly, I just don't know. So all weekend I had been saying "what? huh? Wait, Who?" clearly behind and a little out of the loop. BUT as we were talking I looked at my phone to check twitter and saw that someone (John Michael) had tweeted "Auburn is ranked #7 and Alabama is #8!" I said "Why didn't y'all tell me we were ranked ahead of Alabama!?!?!?" Assuming they had already heard, considering I had been the last to figure anything out all weekend! BUT their faces were sheer SHOCK! I quickly realized they didn't know! We all started cheering and screaming! It was one of the greatest moments! Not only were WE ranked ahead of the FORMER #1 Alabama BUT I was the one to reveal the news!!

If you are still reading, thanks! Sorry for all the details and LONG winded stories! It was just such a great weekend!!!!


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