Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit to Starkville

Anna John is taller than me and dresses like a rock star. She is soooo cute and sooo old!
Sam is also taller than me. Much taller. He is loving Starkville and everything about Mississippi State. I must say, State was my second choice, I don't have a hard time cheering for them at all. Go dawgs.My sweeet Laura. Oh how I have missed her. That weekend she was supposed to come didn't work out. But we finally reunited for a second this weekend. The second just didn't last long enough. Tyler and I also reunited but we ALWAYS have trouble documenting our togetherness because of all our chatter. I was also able to reunite with many more friends along the way. Ally came over Friday night, Hart and I visited Saturday Night, and Elena and I went to Sunday School together on Sunday. AH! I love my sweet highschool girls, the smiles they put on my face are going to cause me major wrinkles one day...The Mississippi Sunset.We enjoyed a lot of Father-Daughter time this weekend! It was really great. 3 of us... we're missing the little fireball gracie and mom of course. They were at a mother-daughter banquet with church. We enjoyed them on Sunday!
I love weekends with my family. Living in Nashville without them is tough at times, but it sure does make the time I am with them VERY special! sorry we didnt take any pics mom and g!


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