Monday, November 8, 2010

The Flynns...

The Rehearsal... Clearly enjoying this reunion.
Rehearsal Dinner. SB and Kree wrote an adorable poem spelling out Stephanie and Fletcher Flynn then proceeded to give the happy couple a framed copy to hang at their house.
The BH crew with the boys!
Wedding Day!! Putting on her White Dress.Getting her lips done by the make-up artist. :)
Just checkin' each other out.
I think she's ready.... So pretty!
Nervous hands, waiting patiently to marry he groomYAY! The Flynns...
Delicious cake! Steph and Fletch would have it no other wayThe Hand Clan made it!
All the Girls!They're married!! Off to Mexico!
The whole weekend was a beautiful celebration of they're servant-love for each other! SO happy for The Flynn's!

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