Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I gotta Feelin!

Like I mentioned last week, I head to Auburn for yet another, wonderful Auburn Reunion. My love for Auburn grows more and more by the day and not just because we are winning. I feel it the minute our car "gets air" over the railroad tracks driving into downtown. This weekend, we drove in rocking to Party in the USA and I Gotta Feeling. I mean, rockin out down College Street. Saturday morning, we went on a walk, enjoyed BigBlue for Breakfast and got ready for the game!
First: TigerWalk The Beach House minus our Betrothed Stephanie.Heading to Tiger Walk. I have never seen so many people at a Tiger Walk in all of my 20 years of being a Tiger Fan.There he is... We could here the screams and yells for a while before he ever got to us.Kree touched him! :) hehe. It really was a big deal!Sweet Kylie! I babysat kylie for 4 years while in college. It really shouldn't be called babysitting. We pretty much just hung out and goofed off. Now she is in highschool, and I wish more than ever we could chat over boys, clothes, and everything else that you think matters in highschool. I miss you kylie.
The Girls at the Football game. I think I have sat with cappy and amory and almost every single AU football game!All Auburn. All Orange.Literally, a perfect day.hmm.. about 30 mins after the game had ended... stadium still packed.
War Eagle! 49-31.
Roll Toomer's Roll... All the way to ATL and then... GLENDALE! Fingers crossed!


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