Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kree!

Sarah Beth and Kreebee- they are very talented when it comes to poetry and entertaining...

Kree and I LOOOOVE rounding up parking (uh hem $20) at Au football games!

Kree and I the day before graduation!!

She is quite the talented performer!

and... like I said earlier entertaining!

Kree is currently working on her first EP set to come out in January!! It will feature 5 songs written by, guess who? KREE! You can listen to one of them at her Myspace page! Kree is not only talented and entertaining but lovely. She is one of the kindest and most heart felt people I know! She loves Panchos, gale, tswift, fajitas, her guitar, sarahbeth, movies, JM, movie quotes, Steven Tyler, her omelets with egg whites only, to be swaddled, quazee, and of course... pancakes.

I love you KREE and I hope you have had a wonderful birthday week.

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