Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A new venture: HandMade Designs

Family Christmas Card
KD lovin. this is for you cuz.

Hooty hoot love.

So I am attempting stationary! I've been thinking/working on this and I am moving at a slow pace. I decided if I put it out on the web it may put a little pressure on me! So, Got a custom design? Let me know and I'll try it out. The first card is a 5x7 postcard. The next two, are folding 4.5x5 cards. Maybe I'll have an etsy shop and website soon. :)


  1. this is great! i have a blog shout out!!!!! kept it up cute cuz.

  2. Leah, these are the cutest! I'm obsessed.

  3. Thanks sarah jane! Let me know if you'd like any!