Thursday, January 27, 2011

Classic White T

Forget the layers, forget the shirts that hang, forget skinnys, forget boots, scarves, belts, leggins, cardigans, etc. My most favorite outfit in the whole world and the outfit that makes me most confident, comfortable and happy (besides a tshirt and sweats :) would be...THIS.

Classic V-neck or Crew Neck Cotton (with a bit of spandex), Flare BLUE jeans, and Clogs or in this case, peep-toes Caramel Pumps.
Pictured Above:
Jcrew White Crew Neck
Paige Denim- Hollywood Hills Cut
Sergio Rossi Platform Pump

Other Favs:
JCrew Favorite V-Neck
Ann Taylor V-Neck
The Paige Jeans above are MY FAVORITE.
Diane Von Furstenburg Clogs
Stuart Weitzman Stud Clog

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  1. Confession: ordered some flare jeans. so. excited.