Sunday, January 16, 2011

a little taste of the auburn family.

Ok so I have been putting this post off for a while now because I have a story to tell you and its kind of long. But I think I am just going to shorten it.

Last Sunday we flew to the desert, aka, Tucson, AZ
On the way, we lost richard and Nathan's Luggage.
We get our rentals
Ate In and Out Burger
and drove to Scottsdale.
We run into Oregon fans, buy Nate new clothes and stop by H&M.
We eat dinner at Ztejas not to be confused with ZEE TeJAS (in a southern accent).
We go to bed.
Monday morning.
We enjoy breakfast, mountainside, french toast and 2 eggs sunny side up.
Then, 12pm, we head to Glendale.
Before leaving, we realize the Bices tickets are fake.
Fake tickets.
2 of us didnt have tickets.
Now 6 of us don't have tickets
Upon arriving we begin our quest for tickets.
Tons of peeps without tickets.
Tons of people selling tickets for >$2k
We feel hopeless.
1:30 pm we go to will call.
(REWIND to Christmas 2009)
2 years ago I totaled my car.
I got in a wreck with "The Ticket Man"
(Fast forward to Summer 2010)
I go to the AU baseball Playoffs.
Run into ticket man, he tells me he thinks of me and prays for me often.
He didn't know if I had survived the emotional wreck that night we hit each other.
(Fast Forward to Jan 10th 2011)
I see " The Ticket Man" at Will Call.
I go talk to him, tell him we dont have tickets and have been sold 4 fakes.
I see the empathy, the understanding, the past history.
He says, come back at 330
We come back at 330, wait
at 445 we get to the window.
He shows me an envelope of 6 tickets.
We pay for the tickets.
We scream, cry, jump. We Thank him over and oer
We get offered 3k for each ticket.
We refuse.
We go in the game, scream our heads off for 4 hours.
And we come out,
National Champions.
Well.... I guess I didn't "shorten" it but I hope it was easy to read!

The AUfamily really couldn't get any better. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I'll never forget.

We later scrounged for food for oh, say an hour and half and then find ourselves at the local IHOP at 3am. nothing like making #mems.

I can't say it enough, sorry friends, nevermind, not sorry friends, War Eagle!

Also: These 2 are going PRO!

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