Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Fam comes to town!

This past weekend, Mom, Dad, Gracie and AJ came to Nashville to visit! Friday night, mom insisted on Satco, a local fav and one of my favorites too! On Saturday we spent almost the entire day in downtown Franklin! The weather was PERFECT at about 65 degrees! Absolutely Delightful! We had lunch at Pucketts and looked through all the local stores. My family had never been to Franklin so it was quite a treat! Here are a few pics we took! Dad took most of the pics therefore he isn't in any of them except for this one where he insisted on being a creeper....
We checked out Rob's store FMallen. Dad got a coat, actually wore it yesterday and tweeted that the coat made mother feel "impressed and moved." Dad's crazy. Anyways, the weekend was a blast. It was very special getting to share my Nashville life with my family. They are precious.

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  1. this post just made me smile!! i know ya'll had a blast!!