Friday, February 11, 2011

Messy Hair Day

Recently, one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Joe, featured a "how to" on messy hair. Now, if I had straight hair, you better believe, I'd be rocking this hair do everyday! It doesn't seem very difficult to do either:
It's awesome and it may look familiar because....ALL the JCrew models are rocking it in their spring look book! SO... If you have straight hair you better jump on the bandwagon, cause this look is AWESOME.
I guess Ill try to rock, the tease, tuck and twirl but it my hair probably won't look any different to you! :) Maybe I should go for this knot look:Here is final product over at A Cup of Joe:AH! it's so cute! Happy Teasing!
ya'll know I loooooove to tease and spray :)

Images via Cup of Joe and Jcrew

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