Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being a silly lamb is a humbling thought.

'He said to him the third time, ’. . . do you love Me?’ —John 21:17

"Oh, the wonder of the patient directness and skill of Jesus Christ with Peter! Our Lord never asks questions until the perfect time. Rarely, but probably once in each of our lives, He will back us into a corner where He will hurt us with His piercing questions. Then we will realize that we do love Him far more deeply than our words can ever say." -my utmost

Sometimes it takes the Lord literally getting in front of our face for us to realize HOW MUCH we really do love him. Quite a humbling experience when Jesus makes you sit down and be quiet long enough for you to realize how lowly and frail we are without him. It takes his presence to see and feel the depth of my love for him. How often do I sit down and shut up for Jesus? Not enough, I'll tell you that.

One of my favorite mentors and role models, Sue Mc always compares Christians to lambs and Jesus to being our Shepherd. I know this is in the bible too but it always reminds me of Sue Mc. It is such a beautiful reminder of how lost I am without him. I am sure back in the day sheep and lambs were so thankful for their shepherd who herded them and kept watch over them. Oh for the grace to realize and understand this deep love the Father has for me.
pics from Darby.

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