Monday, March 7, 2011

These Kids....

These four peeps are all very very special to my life. Right now, I really don't know what I'd do without them. The top left is totally muggin in this shot. Thank goodness he doesn't pose like that for every picture. But, he is a special one and what would I do without him. And top right, well that is mags who I talk about all the time. She is my company most everyday. We live in this Sunset place and make it through the work days knowing we come home to each other. Bottom left, she is pure goodness! Lace is currently in Guatamala and let me tell you Nash isn't the same without her. She has been gone for 24 hours and I'm ready for her return. Bottom Right is none other than Kree, Kree Woods. She is my comfort and entertainment. Kree is always ready for some kind of fun! Her first show was this past Saturday night and I must say, it was quite a blast. SHE is SUPER UBER UNBELIEVABLY talented!!! BUY her CD if you haven't already.

The Lord has blessed me with little pockets of friends through each stage of life. And boy am I grateful. I would have packed my bags and called it quits if it weren't for these three. So to you sweet biffles above, thanks for being so great. I am very thankful for you.


  1. I have GOOSEBUMPS. all. over. my. body. that was so sweet leah leah

  2. This is soo sweet! what a welcome back to america!