Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colorful internet browsing....

In the spirit of Easter and all things SPRING, Christ's resurrection and the celebrations surrounding it, I am basking in the colors He has blessed us with. Have you ever thought about the fact that colors are a blessing, God didn't have to make them. Isn't that Crazy? Gosh He loves us. To bless us with ROY-G-BIV. :) That's pretty cool. What if everything was GREY? ewww yuck.

I am lovin' these painted shutters on this building in Singapore.. haha I know random but I saw it on Design*Sponge and LOVED it. All these dresses are adorable! all via Cupcakes&Cashmere My Fav is the purple!
It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, AH YES. I think tiered is a good look for anyone.And this Chair! Oh how much I would love to be sitting in this chair reading Something Borrowed, which all my college roommates have read except me. The movie comes out SO soon!

(Sidenote: Here is the movie trailer, staring mine and banan's favorite: Kate Hudson!)

(Sidenote continued:: Doesn't it look SO good? Gosh, I can't wait.)

These Easter Eggs appear to be painted, which I've never thought of. We've always dyed eggs and I really do love it, but I love the idea of painting them. Or maybe they are dyed? I can't tell, but I like them :)
TULIPS! The perfect Easter/spring flower. I'll be honest, Ive never had a thing for them, but this year is much different, I can't get enough. Laura, these remind me of you.
AH... So happy it's Spring, so Happy we have colors to enjoy and SO happy its Easter, thankful for my SAVIOR... more on that later.

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