Friday, April 15, 2011

it's Rainy and FRIDAY!

Loving Tulips so much this week.
It's rainy and dreary and today I love it. The wind is blustery and the sun is not out. But for some reason.... I am just basking in the dreariness. Adele pandora is soothing me as we work away! Also... Rob and I are heading to Tupelo today- that could be why this is such a great day! And it's Friday too!! Friday's have a whooooollle new meaning in the real world. They go by more noticed and much more appreciated. But you know what... Mondays aren't bad either because, well, I love my job! I have been thinking lately about how blessed I am to be in this comfortable place. For so long I was uncomfortable, lonely, missing friends and even a while back I was worried about where I'd be next. I know a lot of people are still in that uncomfortable place. The place of Limbo. As thankful as I am to be out of limbo, it actually bring a bittersweet feeling of need for something greater. The uncomfortable times are sweet times because your dependence is 100% Jesus. I just rambled to you for a while. Have a great weekend!!

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