Wednesday, September 7, 2011

War Eagle!

If you thought I would let football season begin and not mention my Auburn Tigers, you were terribly wrong.  I am SO pumped Football is finally here.  If youre not pumped up (and youre an Auburn fan) this is SURE to get you excited....

I can't believe it's here.  Wedding Season has completely thrown me off of my schedule and I'm still thinking it's summer time.  But.... it's not! It's football season. I am pumped about the game this weekend again my hometown, Mississippi State Bulldogs! We now have a little family Rivalry at my house.  Luckily Sam cheers for BOTH, (in most cases). But this weekend... we will be against each other.  It is sure to be a good game.  As we are both on a pretty level playing field!  WAR EAGLE!!!!!


....ummmm yes. please.

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