Friday, October 28, 2011


So I said last week that my 9th grade girls and I were heading to Camp for the weekend.


It was a blast.  The girls and I definitely did some bonding over red lipstick, marshmellows, hairbows and boys.  If that doesn't sound like success I dont know what does.  

We competed in Cabin Olympics... we got 2nd place to a cabin of 20 boys. (also a success) but only by the skin of our teeth, (wait what? That doesn't make sense - teeth dont have skin right? Why do people say that? or maybe I made it up) Anyways, we barely won.
But, it was awesome.  I showed my girls that I could do the Berney... yes, the berney.  Not sure why my head is so far back. Photobucket
That won me some cool points for sure.  See the Berney below:
 Hilarious right?
The theme of the weekend was Road Signs.  We talked alot about our path in life and the direction were heading.  We focused on the fact the decisions we make now will determine where we end up.  This was so good for all of us to think about.  I don't think it's something anyone really considers in 9th grade and if you think about it really ever.  We must stay focused on the Christ if that's where we want to end up.  The decisions we make daily, who we hang out with, who we date, what we do will affect us down the road.  That sums up our talks for the weekend.

The weekend was so good to get away and focus on things other than myself.  I am excited about the opportunity to grow with these girls over the next four years.  It makes me miss anna john and gracie alot! But hopefully will give me insight into their own jr. high minds. :)

Also, did you know keds were back in style? It's true.

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