Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've had a pair of these shorts for 4 years.  I think I'll wear them for the first time this year. 

I also have a blazer similar (brown corduroy) that I use to wear in high school. Let me tell you. It was NOT in style in high school, nor was it fashion forward.  But, I'm wearing it today.  I always wonder why I hold onto things.  But I end up wearing them.
 I do not have this in any way shape or form. But I love it. and want it! So rich and beautiful.
These 2 items.  Are just things I love, a good looking pair of shoes on my main man. and tiger stripes of course. :)

And what is a blog post on Joyful without a pair of shoes that SCREAM "LEAH!!!!" I am obsessed with these, but you know that already. 
And in all things, office, newness, workspace and inspiration: this is a little inspiration for my own workspace.  The office is coming together. Ill post on it when it is completed. 
In other news…. My roomieG's birthday was on Sunday.  She got a fancy robe from Pottery Barn! Happy birthday Mags.

 Sweet Hart and Chad also made a visit this weekend to pick up their precious new puppy, Herbert!
 And I have officially decided that Wallabees should have NEVER gone out of style.  I am wearing them again these days and not regretting it for a second. :)
 Look how beautiful! Don't you just want to jump in those!? Whewwww I love Fall!!
Happy Tuesday, from the brain of Leah. 

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