Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My King

We're studying Galations in Bible Study.  If you've ever studied Galations, you know that is is about Paul's new witness.  It's about the gospel and the fact that we are saved through FAITH, not by the Law.  We've been talking about Faith and how that is all we need to be saved by Christ.  We've talked about it over and over.  Recently i've gotten frustrated because Paul talks about it over and over and over.  Believe, Believe, Believe.  Don't rely on the Law, the Law, the law.  But by FAITH, believe. So this morning I was like, "PAUL, I know that already, you've told me." And then I thought, well WHO is this person that I believe in and then I was overwhelmed. HE is SO Big.  Faith in CHRIST.  Emphasis on CHRIST not Faith.  When I think about HIM- the Faith part is Easy.  Why wouldn't I believe and rely on a God that is SO good. So big. Not only that, but Faith in Christ means the promise of the HOLY SPIRIT. Praise God for that.  So I am sure you have all seen this.  But it is such a wonderful reminder of the ONE we Believe Him.

So thankful for his birth and this holiday season.

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