Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yallllll I am SO over my humdrum pattern from day to day. I am working on sprucing it up.

6:30 Alarm goes off
7:00 YMCA with @robsilverii 
8:00 Shower/Sauna @ YMCA
8:30 Work
9:00 Turn on Spotify
10:00 Refill my Coffee
12:30 Eat my Homemade Lunch
3:00 Enjoy 10 Tootsie Rolls
4:00 Check the mail
5:30 Leave work

After 5:30 can vary depending on the day:
Monday: Bible Study
Tuesday: Dinner with Rob
Wendesday: Church with the girls.
Thursday: Freebee
Friday: Chill.

And then I start ALLLLL over. Sound Familiar?

I get so worn down sometimes with all the patterns of the day.  Do yall?! Goodness, Rob and I were talking about trying to change up our days. Get out of the 8-5 Daily Routine.  It's hard to do.  Yesterday, we tried the early yoga class and spent the morning at Starbucks, instead of the 7am class then off to work.   By the way, while at Starbucks, my phone went missing for 30 minutes.  The customers all applauded when it was found. uh huh, it happened.  That was definitely a kink in the day.

Last night, Cullen came into town, so we spent time with him at Satco after work, then went to his highschools basketball games.  Today, we tried the EARLY spin class and then enjoyed breakfast at Bread and Co. Such a nice break from the norm.

And last night I even had a spend the night party with LACEY!

Sometimes its so nice to do something different like a late lunch, a walk to the post office, or maybe even skipping lunch for time outside, or even a grocery trip.  My daily patterns sometimes get the best of me so I am really learning to break. it. up.   whhhewwww, over and out.

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  1. Very true!! I needed to read this. Being in the real world the 8-5 can get very old fast.