Thursday, March 29, 2012

Post Cali Wish List

After being in California for really, no more than a day. I realized these are the must haves for people that live out there.... Hat and glasses to block the sun, scarf (its chilly) plus a bag, cause you leave the house for the day and dont come back! Cute khakis with a cuff (cuff for your wrist too) and comfy, stylish walking shoes.  I am IN LOVE with these cole haan oxfords.  Rob and I are currently fighting about who gets to own a pair!... hehe.

San Fran Wish List

I promise I will post pics of the weekend sooon. The idea of loading the pics is a daunting task, but I will SOON.  Also, I think this outfit is PERFECT for the spring time in Nashville! I'm thinking the pollen has finally passed and we can all breathe freely and spend most of our days outdoors until the sweltering heat hits in a few months! All the leaves are GREEN and the the trees are flowering! Its a very happy time here in the south!  

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