Friday, March 16, 2012

Rob and I have done some cleaning out and are ready for a biiiiiiig junk sale this weekend! Pray that the rain will stop and we get rid of some junk! Yardsales were always a fun thing around my house.  You're probably thinking, gosh Leah must have had a deprived childhood if she thought yardsales were fun! But really, my parents just had a way of making everything fun! I remember getting to sale my things and make the money from what I sold.  I also remember walking around with a fannie pack full of change. :)  Mom is the queen of yardsales, she can sale some junk and make major bucks.  It's crazy! I also always remember getting SHIPLEY donuts when we had yardsales.  Such great mems! Not only do i love having them, I love going to them tooo!! Rob and I LOVE (seldomly) getting up and going to sales! You just never know what youre going to find.  And it's fun to make other peoples junk your treasure! 

Praying for sunshine. :) Happy Friday!

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