Tuesday, March 20, 2012

See my bracket below... It is doing POORLY. All the red means I'm losing. And yes, I put NotreDame in the Final Four, (I dont know why) But you'll also notice that I gained some points when  I picked Lehigh to beat Duke.  (I dont know why I did this either)

Not only has basketball driven me mad. But Rob and I went mad last week prepping for a yardsale!  We gathered so many tshirts, purses, paintball equipment for a JUNK sale.  

This is Rob the night before. I think he wore his Auburn game day shirt for good luck....

 And Good luck is just what we had... This is only half of the sale, we had 3 racks of hanging clothes just to the right of this photo...
 Rob was quite the salesman.  Really we both were.  I was keeping things looking nice and presentable (just like my momma taught me) and my boy held onto the money. It was the most gorgeous day! We enjoyed getting to be outside!
 We also accepted card... of course!

The sale was fantastic, we were out of stuff by 1 and loaded up 2 boxes for good will and called it day! I love garage sales. I really do. We had so much fun! 

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