Monday, April 30, 2012

Country Music Marathon

I had FULL intention of starting this post on Friday.  But life caught up with me. Actually, it ran WAY past me and I never caught up. SO... this past weekend was the Country Music Marathon! Over 30,000 people come out to run either the marathon or half-marathon! So you can only imagine the buzz in the city with that many people in town! It's awesome and so crazy!! My Aunt Eedie and Cousin Gabe came in town for Gabe to run the half-marathon! I was SO pumped to host them in Nashville as well as cheer Gabe on during the race! Anna and I did the race 4 years ago and it is a BLAST.  If you've never run in a race of any length, you should! There is nothing like people cheering you on the finish line!

This is Gabe and I at 6am, pre-race.  
During the race....
He was looking pretty good at mile 4!
Beautiful day in Nash for a marathon!
proud mother and son! So proud of you GABE!

Abby was also in town running! I made signs at my office for her and Gabe!

Way to go guys! The weekend was so much fun! Having Aunt Eedie and Gabe in town was SUCH a treat.  We enjoyed a lot of delicious meals and time outside together!  We ended the weekend with PM's Tempura Fried Brownies... YUM.  

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