Friday, April 13, 2012

This Week....

I fell in love with this tile backsplash and industrial hanging lights

 and this oversized print of a book! How easy and cool is that?
 I'm now tempted to make quinoa tabbouleh
 I'm reeeeaaallly itchin for a road bike...
 I found these numbers which are AWESOME and they're made from old boats!
And you know how yesterday, I said I was getting my haircut? Well, it's really short! And yes, I confess to going to the bathroom to take this picture. It took 100 for me to realize it's impossible to take a cute mirror pic. So, here you go. 
Another find... You know you're from Alabama when...
And now... Off to Memphis for the weekend with my Roberto, for a dear friends wedding! Kel- Boochie Sandusky is getting married to her love, Pete Hunt! Can't wait to watch the bride meet her groom!
Happy Friday!

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