Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Round Up.

The countdown has begun.  2 weeks until I am reunited with this boy! YES. I am super pumped about it! 
 I found a new icecream place to try in SF when I'm there.  It's called Humphrey Slocumbe.
Also this week.... I spent sometime on the lake... soaking up some rays.  So thankful it's finally lake season and we can watch the sunset out there.  Did yall know that there are TONS of lakes in and around Nashville? I had no idea before I moved here, but gosh, it's awesome to be able to hop in the car and be on the lake within 20 minutes. hmmmmm, nothing like it. 
Last weekend, this beauty came to town. Such joy filled my heart. She was in town for a couple of weddings, got into Nashville at 3am on Friday and I was happy to be sleeping in her bed, awaiting her arrival. Love and miss you Meg.
And I enjoyed some southern cooking with Rich and Paige at Pucketts! Ever been to Pucketts? If so, you know what a great atmosphere it is! Especially on Sundays! I enjoyed Fried chicken (dark meat of course), creamed potatoes with brown gravy and green beans! Probably one of my most favorite meals.
So when I lived with Georgia one summer, we enjoyed these homemade chocolate chip cookies everynight.  If we weren't eating the cookies, we were eating the dough which was ALWAYS in the fridge. I have attempted to make these cookies SO. MANY. TIMES. And they never turn out like Mrs. Demoss's. Gosh, they are just the recipe on the back of the Nestle Chip bag, but I cant get it right!  They still taste great, just not the same... George, HELP! :)
I made cookies for mine and Maggies road trip to North Carolina this weekend! Looking forward to a weekend in the mountains with sweet friends! We'll be enjoying the road trip with John's newest addition to our life. 

Happy LONG Memorial day weekend to you and yours.  

Whether you spend it lakeside, beachside, poolside or somewhere in between, I hope you have a great one with friends and family! Peace out, girl scout.

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  1. I make that same recipe, but only use 1 stick of butter! It makes a big difference.