Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BEST weekend.

I set sail to California last Thursday and had a blissful weekend with my very best friend.  He scooped me up at SFO on Thursday night. After being apart for 3 weeks for the first time, I was VERY happy to be reunited! We spent an entire long weekend together and the time moved slowly, for which I was so grateful.  

I learned that in San Fran, you walk. You walk ALOT. We walked everywhere... this is on our way to Chinese!
:) Delicious Sweet Potatoes at House of Nanking.
Chow Mein.
The next day, this boy took us on a hike. I was a brat because I didnt want to go on a hike. I has actually requested a hike prior to getting to California, so the boy scouted this gorgeous hike along the pacific ocean. But I could NOT stop complaining about the fact that we had been hiking all over the city all morning. He quickly shut me up and just said, walk. And man was it worth it. Look at that view!
Thanks for putting up with my grumpiness, Rob!

We even got to sit on this lovely beach for part of our hike...
about 12 hours later, not really just a few hours, we parked it in a hotel lobby so we could rest our feets.
The next day we enjoyed brunch across from this lovely place called, TUPELO!
We walked along the bay bridge, grabbed some gelato and headed to the Giants Game!
at AT&T Park! Such a fun DAY!
The park overlooks the bay....
and it was HOT HOT HOT.
So thankful for a fun filled weekend with Rob. I am so thankful for him and even more thankful for the time we get to spend together! It was a blast!


  1. Leah! I love reading your blog. I went to SanFran last summer for the first time. Those hills, whoa! Long distance is SOOO hard, but really can make your relationship sweeter in ways you cannot imagine. Let me know if you ever come visit NYC. xoxo -julie

  2. loved your post! Looks like y'all had so much fun! I was laughing out loud about the hike, definitely looks like it was worth it!!