Friday, June 1, 2012

Honestly Random

"Honesty, you want honesty? Ok, Honestly..." Name that movie!! Any takers?

Well guys, I'm tired and busy. Busy and tired. Even after that relaxing weekend, things have picked up. I can now see that God gave me that weekend to stop for a reason.

Life over the next month is going to be fun, exciting, hard, tough, fast, full, sad, I'm prepared for a pretty emotional rollercoaster.... starting.... well, today, June 1st.
So.. Happy June to all you folks out there. I love the month of JUNE. Anna Claire's Birthday is tomorrow... here is to you AC.

The month of June is going to go a little something like this:
Home tomorrow.
Lake the next day
Fam here the next 3 days
San Fran the next 4 days.
Home for 5 days
Haiti for 7 days
Home for 4 Days
Beach for 5 days.....
Then it's JULY.
this boy made the list :)!!!!!
If you think through the emotions of all those things, it's gonna be tough.  All of these things are going to be fun, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. I am very excited for what the Lord will do in and through me over this time. I am nervous about changes and new perspectives, but I'm ready. These are the days when you learn to say, "Okay, Lord, use me, I'm ready."

WOW, alot easier said than done.  I'm betting I'm not the only one who is busy the month of June. I am sure a lot of you are feeling the same thing, or maybe you have no plans and you are stressed about that. Well today is the day to just be in the moment.

A wise girl (elena) once quoted A.W. Tozer, "Whereever you are, be all there." And these, my friends, are words to live by. So... Today, I choose Nashville. While I must plan for the rest of the month, Today, June 1st. Ill be here and not stress about the excitement of what is to come!

Also this week... the Lord has been teaching me the word, "Wait."  Any of you ever been taught to wait? WHOA, it's so hard! Here is an incredible 17 minute sermon from Jim Cymbala at Brooklyn Tab church in NYC. If you have a car ride or just a lunch break today, listen to it here.  Thanks for the encouragement Dad.

So... Here is to Honesty. I have spilled my FULL heart and brain out to you all. Maybe this meant nothing to you, but hopefully some of you are in the same place or have been there before.  A wrap up to my randomness:
Be Honest
Dont Stress
Be All There
Wait on the Lord..... hahaha that really is all so random! Oh well, Happy JUNE + Happy Friday!