Friday, July 13, 2012

A Crazy Summer

As you can tell, I have been all over. Happy to have spent the last few weeks visiting new places, spending time with wonderful friends and getting to see family. Its been a growing time in my life and in my faith. I have spent the first 2 month period away from Rob, I have loved on homeless people in Haiti, held precious orphans, made new nashville friendships, mourned the loss of family, celebrated new beginnings and rested in old friendships.  Its been wonderful and emotional all at the same time. I have been confused, overwhelmed, overjoyed and in sorrow. I anticipated a roller coaster of emotions prior to the summer beginning but I didnt anticipate the peace and joy that the Lord gives in EVERY situation we face.  I am sure you have experienced periods of life just like this and it is humbling, right? 

This weekend I will enjoy having my sweet boy home in Nashville and I am so excited for that. Happy Friday, have a great weekend.   

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