Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend with Friends

Sorry for going AWOL the last few days! More Haiti posts to come but a brief pause to recap the last few days.

 Kizzy aka Tyler is getting married so we celebrated with a weekend with friends in Destin! It was SO fun to be reunited with so many highschool friends.  We havent spent that much time together since 2006!!!  It was also so wonderful to get to spend time with Tyler's precious friends from college.  Here are just a FEW highlights from a wonderful coastal getaway. Look at that WATER!
 The first day was just a couple of us... We enjoyed these rays until a good 7pm. BLISS.
 And then the party arrived!!! Thank GOODNESS. :)
 Are they not the cutest sisters you've ever seen? The rest of the Hand girls and I like to think we're as cute as the two of these below...
 Sweet friends catching some rays.
 Being goofy with the banana colored shades I bought, I swear I thought they were caramel at Target... I thought WRONG. :) Also, I get fever blisters real bad and a lady in Haiti told me to wear lipstick when im in the sun... hence the RED lips.
 Don't worry... Darby brought Tyler's MsState Homecoming Queen 2009 for her to wear out on Saturday.  That thing is no joke, talk about a heavy thing to wear on your head! She was a champ.
 Blake even decided to join us for the lingerie shower in addition to some chips and queso.
 The whole crew. What a pretty group of girls! So thankful to have spent more than 24 hours with this crew. I love them all so much. I had forgotten how funny they all were.  Until I woke up yesterday with my abs cramping from all the laughing we did this weekend. SO much FUN.
 Just a little love from the besties...
 What's a beach weekend without RedBar!!! Look at all those Bulldogs... gotta love em.
Celebrating with friends is always a blast, but getting to celebrate someone who is loved as much as Kizzy is truly a treat!

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