Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Joyful Occasion

This past weekend my sweet friend Kizzy got married!! She is now MRS.JETER.  I can't even believe it.  Here are some special pictures from her wedding weekend.

How adorable are these fruit baskets? Idea from the one and only Tracy Wardlaw. All the cute mommas below assembled them.
 Here are our mothers.  You can probably guess who's is who's.  We are all pretty much spitting images of them both in looks and personality.  It's a special bond we have with them.  They always get so giddy about getting to be together, just like their daughters get.
 love you joyjoy.
 And here is the beautiful bride with her momma and sister.
 The rehearsal dinner was such a fun time to see these long lost friends..... Makes me miss carpool and sonic with you Kristen!
 And my long lost friends from Auburn and now Tupelo. Love you both.
 The precious groom and bride!
 And here she is on her wedding day. Absolutely Stunning.  Who knew she could get any prettier.

 Getting ready!

 They're Married!!! Blake and Tyler are SUCH a beautiful couple.  They're love for the Lord is SO evident in their gentle and sweet spirits.  Getting to love on them for this special day was such a JOY.
 The best program attendants ever right here....
 I just love this pic with dad and daughter and then those precious women just adoring the scene.
 Just a little of the action that went down...
 All of our Tupelo girls.  Gosh what a good group of girls.  Who on EARTH still has this many friends from highschool?! I'm so grateful.
 Blurry photos are a sign of a good time, right? Who knows what these two love birds were up to...
 and even blurrier photos mean an even better time? Well, it definitely means a crowded dance floor!
 These is an awful photo but .... they're married and off to the rest of their lives, together.  Thankful for you both Jeters! I couldn't have wanted to spend my birthday with people more beautiful than all these friends and family. The Jeter's wedding day was such a reminder of the blessings and JOY we have been given through faith in Christ.  I am so grateful.


  1. Tyler was such a beautiful bride!! Also love the picture of you and sweet Joy! I miss her!!

  2. I miss you too Steph! It was a precious time. The most thoughtful, sweet wedding ever. What a precious family. Thankful for Leah's friends, and Mine too!