Friday, June 18, 2010

Speaking of time and clocks...

...this is the clock in Samford Tower
Samford Hall is the main building at Auburn. My absolute favorite building... really it's anyone's favorite building.
The building behind us is Samford Hall. My Auburn dream has been to go into the clock tower. People seldom get to go to the top but it's something I've always wanted to do! So... the day before everyone's graduation, Rob surprised me a took a group of us to the top of the tower!Meg and I on our way up. This is our stop at the Bell Tower!
The face of the clock being pulled from the brick wall!
Rob and I with Jordan-Hare in the background.
This tiny safety-pin is to make sure the arms don't slide off the clock!
Also... people sign the back of the clock!
2010.A view from the top.
The whole crew!
A view from the bottom.


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