Monday, June 21, 2010

to my DAD

Alright Dad- I know you've been waiting on this. So here it goes...

Everyone: Meet George.
Although these pictures may lead you to believe my dad is an avid hunter (uh hem). He isn't.
He is an avid singer, dancer, movie watcher, diet-coke/sweet-tea drinker, newspaper reading goof-ball. He has many strange quirks- he MUST be the one to get the mail, he likes his glass full, he'll go through your phone, answer your calls, and even open your mail. Dad is known to give the "chin-of-death, the "claw", the "horse-eating-corn" and is even known to bite. He is a nosy fellow but (and Dad, I'll never say what I'm about to say to your face, so soak it up) he does all those things with the best intentions. He is always looking out for each of us.

Dad is a sweet and kind hearted guy. He is tender and soft and hates for any of us to be upset or unhappy. He loves the Lord with all his heart and lead's our family towards the Cross each and every day. He has set a wonderful path for all of us to follow, especially my brother Sam, pictured with him above. We all love him dearly and are SO thankful for all of his many quirks, habits, interests, and non-sense. love you DAD.


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