Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Jacks and a special Graduation gift!

The Jack's are a very special family to me because they are originally from Tupelo but moved to Auburn a few years before me. We went to church together in Tupelo and when I moved to Auburn I began babysitting Kylie and Haiden. These two kids have become like my own siblings. After four years of homework, dance, trips to Academy Sports, and looong girl talks with Kylie we have a very close relationship. Mrs. Jennifer and Jay have become not only another set of parents but a great couple to mentor me and get me through 4 years of college! They have loved me like one of their own. Mrs. Jennifer has been making Auburn Canvases for a few years now and everytime she started a new one, I would just drool over them. I have always coveted one of her pieces of art. Well her and my mom have been talking over the past few months and Mrs. Jennifer made me one of my very own!! It is such a special gift from my family as well as the Jacks. I could not be more grateful! I have hung it in the living room for everyone to see! I want you to see it too!!

Ellie and Toomers! These remind me of Banan (Anna Kaye)
The Clock Tower! - reminds me of Rob. Amsterdam and Big Blue reminds me of good conversations with friends!!
Jordan-Hare: Football, Beard Eaves: Basketball, BH: Steph, Lace, Kree, SB, and Banan!
AH! I just love it. I look at it everyday and memories flood my mind!
Thanks MOM and DAD for such a sweet gift! and thank YOU Mrs. Jennifer for making it soooo special!
Love yall!


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