Thursday, August 5, 2010

these are late...

I know these are a little late but I just wanted to let you in on some of the adventures from Bryson City.
Anna is getting so old! Look at her! She just started the 8th Grade!
At the waterfalls near our cabin!
Learning how to Zipline: don't we look enthralled?
Not only were we forced to go to Gatlinburg, but forced to Iceskate in Gatlinburg.
My sweet mom and dad! They are looking so cute in their green!
The fam about to raft the Nantahala! I love this pic!
And here are all the kids. We take this picture every year. This year was probably the most chaotic. The two boys that aren't part of my family are Jared and Ben Daniel. We have been going on vacation with the Daniel's for over 20 years. We go somewhere every summer. We normally go to the beach but sometimes we'll go somewhere random- bryson city or san antonio. Never-the-less we always make the funniest memories, do the most ridiculous things, and always sleep in very close quarters. We are practically family and I couldnt be more grateful for these family vacations every summer... thanks MOM.



  1. Sam is hilarious in all these pics!

  2. i'm sorry, ice skating in gatlineburg??? was the ice skating rink in a mall??!?!?! I may or may not have competed in several ice skating competitions there as a child....