Thursday, September 16, 2010

an overdue recap of the weekend.

The weekend in Memphis watching soccer was awesome! I felt like I was in highschool again, trailing along with my family to city after city watching sam play either baseball or soccer or... whatever contains a ball pretty much. But seeing Gracie play was quite a delight! Decked out in shin guards, knees socks, headbands, and froggy togs (a new cloth that stays cold after getting wet-- definitely not something we had when we were growing up). She was adorable.
Anna Merritt, who graduated with me, is one of Gracie's coaches. She is the red shirt. Gracie, number 21, I honestly don't know the story behind this. And Phil, Gracie's British coach. He calls them all "his beauts."

This is Gracie and Anna Goggins. They are friends from church and play almost every sport together.

These 3 would be the 3 musketeers. All friends since birth and inseparable. Gracie, Mary and Gracie.

The team, getting instructions from Phil and AM. Notice Gracie is now wearing 13. She lost her blue jersey and had to wear someone elses... Typical of a Hand child.

Also got to spend sometime with this chick...
She is getting ready for Homecoming (it's in like a month, but in middle school, prepare early! you remember planning your outfits weeks in advance, don't deny it.) So... our goal of the weekend for her was to find BOOTS. New boots to go with her cute little cordorouy mini skirt. It proved successful... We picked out these "beauts" at Target (which is also a treat when you are from mississippi, where there are no targets!)
She's a cutie.

Fun weekend with the fam, no doubt. Sorry mom and dad. No pics that you would actually want on the blog were taken this weekend. We'll do better next time. and Sam, we missed your soccer-playin self too.



  1. gracie is soo cute and aj is soo old!!!