Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this love is a reflection.

I see your smile 
And it’s so much sweeter  
After all that I’ve been through 
And when we laugh 
I get a glimpse of forever 
And I praise God that I found you 
And anytime someone asks me 
How it all unfolded I’ll tell them 
Such incredible chances 
Make for marvelous love.  
Just like the sun lights up the moon 
This love is a reflection 
Of more than just me and you 
Our lives were less than ordinary 
And while I couldn’t see past tomorrow 
God was making history  
Oh my, what a beautiful story of love. 
Unexpected mercy 
Is the greatest thing to find 
When you’ve been broken many times 
My soul found joy 
And for the first time in a while 
I felt singing

Story of Love by Mandi Mapes

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