Friday, October 29, 2010


Old Faithfuls...

This one I can't afford anymore...but i looove to splurge like um.. once a year.

Aveda Elixer: Discontinued. It smelled SO good.Aussie Sprunch Spray: Also discontinued...Ive been known to order it on Ebay or buy at discontinued stores. I still miss it and think about it often. In highschool, people knew I was near because they could smell it.

Currently using: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo
Redken Smooth Down Conditioner. I use to like Fresh Curls conditioner but they changed the formula and it isn't thick enough to get the tangles out now. But this... works like a charm!

Neutrogena Leave- on Conditioner. This isn't my fav. I haven't really found a replacement for the Elixer but this gets the job done.
And the most satisfying thing to replace the Sprunch is Sammy. I like this because its a thicker moose, it doesn't disappear in your hand or make your hair appear to be wet. Pick up at your local Walgreens.

This just holds it all together. Now that I don't have the Sprunch to hold my hair together. I have to use moose and hair spray!
And for the dreamers.... Creme de Coco. If only I had an extra $60 to spend 1 a month for these tiny bottles of hair goodness. the milk and honey of hair products. YUMMY. Curly hair can be a monster but if you experiment with enough products and styling tricks, you'll eventually get it down pat.

Another trick:this monster. I take it with me everywhere I go. Attach it to the most powerful hairdryer you can find. Turn on high heat and sit still for...oh ... 20- 30 mins. You are guaranteed to have shorter and "springyer" hair. try it.

:) Leah and her fro.


  1. um, this is my favorite blog post ever.

  2. Ok, I'll try your new combo to replace my wonderful Sprunch Spray. But I'm not looking forward to using hairspray!