Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween and War Eagle

Clearly a freshman dressed as raggity ann?... Girl and Boy scout...
A hodgepodge of characters...
Cast of Toy Story.. Pretty Epic.
Halloween was a bit different this year. Mags and Molly and I greeted trick or treaters all night. They were so cute! They would say "Twick uhr Tweeat." ah.. adorable! Later in the night, I put on Maggie's Penguin costume and went with Rob and a bunch of people to the Girl Talk concert. It was craziness and a bit too much fun for me. 10pm came and I was ready for bed. But, I was proud of Rob and I's attempt to be "social" and "fun."

Next: Spent the weekend reuniting with all types of friends in Oxford! I'll put up reunion pics later! We watched Auburn Win... AGAIN!!! Whooohooo for the Auburn Tigers! The Team is doing so well! It is so fun to watch their enthusiasm!!!! Check us out after the game......
Can you find us in the pic above? Rob is behind cam, holding up #1 and I am snapping pics in the back!

War Cam Eagle!


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