Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's wedding week for my sweet STEPH!!!

This was the veryyyyy beginning

and now... they're getting MARRIED.

Steph loves this boy SO much. I honestly don't know which of them loves the other more! Fletch loves Steph in such a perfect way. They just get each other. It's really neat to watch and learn from the two of them. From Monster Cookies, to sweet tea at Chickfila, to cameras, sunglasses, and Sunday lunch at Breezeway, they've had the same passions since they met at RUF 4 years ago. The Lord brought them together and I don't think they could be more perfect for each other. I can not wait for their wedding weekend and life together!

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  1. can't. handle. it. i have got to stop checking my google reader during class...