Thursday, November 11, 2010

my love for country music is booming

Ok- I must admit. The very first cd I ever owned was shania twain. Actually, the first tape I owned was Pam Tillis (yeah- for real). I think I had martina mcbride (My G- Tina) too. So... I definitely loved country from the beginning. but in highschool, it wasn't cool to like country. I listened to dave matthews in highschool. At Auburn, we lived in cowtown, so country music was alllll around us. But I must accredit my love for Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley to the Beach House. I had never really paid attention to any of them until living with Steph. When Taylor came to Auburn, my love sky rocketed. Then I saw her in Anthro, again, swooning. Now that I live in Nashville, the Country Music City, and I can not get enough. One of the first things I did when moving here was attend the CMA fest. This prompted a new passion. Now I am always on alert for a celebrity siting and honestly, I get really frustrated knowing they are so close but yet so far. I know I am getting desperate because I tweeted at T-swift the other day. But I TRULY believe we could be friends.

well last night was the CMAs. And I literally was emotionally attached. I am loving Lady A these days, saw them out to dinner a few weeks ago. I still can't get enough of "I run to you." And I must say, Blake Shelton, Dierks, Darius and Miranda may have stolen my heart. Martina was up for Female Vocalist of the year... still rockin it after alllll these years. Taylor's new cd is on repeat every day of my life. And I really just can't stop looking at Carrie, she is STUNNING. Brad Paisley and his Father of the Bride Wife are adorable! Brad won, male vocalist of the year! He has been nominated like 5 times and won for the first time last night. Ok- I really could talk about my love for all these people for a while so I am going to stop now! Here are some pics of their stunning selves last night.

First... the fairest of all... CarrieA closer Look...
Announcing...Again, a closer look.I mean... Hello, June Cash. :)AdorableAbsolutely, BEAUTIFUL... singing "Mama's Song"My biffle, T.Lady ABrad's proud wife... Kimberly.Katherine and JoshT singing "Back to December." I'll be the first to admit, her singing live.... questionable. But she sure is cute and pretty and a really good songwriter!

Ah... It was sooo fun watching the CMA's knowing they were happening down the street! One of my goals for 2011 is to attend next November, but hopefully by that time Tswift and I really will be friends and we will go together. hehe. There are a LOT of great pics here!

....i've gone country.



  1. leah, i LOVE this post. I have the same experiences with my country music love. When I came to UNA, with Nashville being so close and a short weekend trip away country music has become my love all over again. Reba being my first concert, I was always rooted there, just needed to be pulled back. I love me some Lady A after they came to UNA two years ago and T-swift is also a constant repeat in my car. Oh and Brad, Maranda, Blake Shelton, and Carrie all loves. haha Alabama brought back the country love in my life. I'm assured that you and swift will be fast friends by this time next year. haha

  2. i LOVE LOVE country music...funny that you say you want to be friends will t swift because i tweet her sometimes like we are actually friends( crazy? crazy.) i haven't tweeted her in a while though so i need to pretend we are friends again. far as carrie underwood how can someone be so freaking flawless!! i might have to come stay with you in nashville and we can stalk celebs together..that could be interesting.

  3. haha Jessica-- Something about Alabama just gets you ... and then of course Nashville TOO!! Anna Merritt- of course, you have to come visit! That would be so fun!!! gosh... I love all of them!

  4. I know I'm late, but I felt the need to comment. I HEART THIS POST :)