Thursday, December 2, 2010

Morning, I'm freezing! What about you?

How much are y'all loving the Fauxfire? I haven't turned it off. I'd like to think it is keeping me warm. But it's not! Considering I am still wearing my peacoat and scarf at work...
Steph- I can hear you chuckling at this. No, but really, Nashville is cold. I was not prepared for this kind of weather and I'm still not. The peacoat I am flaunting isn't even mine. Its maggies. So I called my mom last night and told her the only thing I want for Christmas is a coat or something warm. Here is what I have found:

All from Modcloth. I love them all so much, but which one do you think is my favorite? :)


  1. I have lots of thoughts on this post

    1. Liked my shout out

    2. I have also been wearing my pea coat at work and contemplated also bringing gloves, but I decided that would be bad for my ability to work on the computer.

    3. I'm sure you like the first coat best. I love #4!!

    K thats all!

  2. Steph would like #4. #1 is you for sure! I love #2!