Friday, December 3, 2010

Updates from Thanksgiving and a special Birthday!

The Grandkids (missing a few) with Nana and Papaw
Attempt at a Christmas Card...
Getting Frustrated and giving up...We may have been successful...
Rob joined us for Thanksgiving.
Mom? Dad? We failed to get a complete family picture! So sorry about this guys! We have got to do better. Here is part of the crew lounging...
This is my Grandmother on the right and her brother, Billy. Nana's birthday is on the 27th So we celebrated her on Thanksgiving too! Isn't she Cute? Happy Birthday Nana! Love you!


  1. we're listening to martina mcbride's christmas cd, so naturally i told the story of my friend who in the dressing room of anthropolgy met "tina mcbride"

  2. Yes, this is her... the Nana that looooves Tina! hehe.