Monday, February 21, 2011

Also... this past week...

OR soo... was the anniversary of birth aka Birthday of 2 very very very best friends. These friends are very special because they have been in my life longer than any other friend. We have been together since the age of 3 and have been best friends for, now, 20 years! That is 2 decades. two decades. 1/5 century. gosh, we're old. And I love that. I love that our roots run deep and they know me and my family better than almost anyone. Let me introduce to you these 2:

Elena and I at Highschool GraduationAlly and I celebrating New Year:2007First visit to AU:Annual Camping Trip:Yearly trip to the lake:Stuffing our faces with CAKE at our first WEDDING shower together.Attending our first WEDDING TOGETHERNeedless to say the three of us have been through almost every milestone together and have MANY more to come! I love them both very much and literally wouldn't be ME without them. Love you lana and allY.

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