Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend full of FUN!

If you don't know the guy singing this lovely tune, get to know him! Ben is incredible. Lace, mags and I went to his concert on Saturday night and it was amazing. The giddyest I've been at a concert since John Mayer. Also playing was this cutie:

I saw Steve and Ben for the first time this summer with Dave and Andrew Ripp. Check out how cute they are:

Rob's sister, Sarah and 2 of her friends were at the show, we had SO much fun watching them giggle and sing every word! They are so sweet and fun!
After the show, kree and lace and I went DANCING! It was SO FUN. I LOVE DANCING. gosh, I Love it.

This:and this:

(THS SHOWCHOIR (insert pic here) )

Has made me love this...:) Missing dance parties at the BH, Fiji and the boomboom room. We are making new mems here in nash. Looks like our spot may be the Blue Bar. Wish I had pics. but Lace and kree can attest to a sure- fire good time.

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