Friday, August 5, 2011

Spotify, Kree and other News.

First of all, do you have Spotify? If you don't, go sign up now. It will drastically change your life, especially your work day.  You can stream music, whatever you want ALL day.  I am sorry Pandora, but you are about to get the boot.  Plus if you pay, you can stream music from your phone, without internet connection.  "To the Cloud"  Ok I don't really know what I am talking about I am just regurgitating everything Rob tells me about techy stuff. Anyways... Just get spotify.

In other news... and along the same lines... Kree has a new cd coming out! Get the preview on her FB band page here... KREE.  Her and I had the pleasure of doing some photoshoots this weekend for her new album... Kree, without your permission (sorry girl), here are some of her awesome pics! She is sooo beautiful and I am pumped, as should you be, about her new album!  Neither of us were quite sure what we were doing as model and photographer. But we surprisingly, got some pretty good shots!

She's pretty good looking isn't she?

This weekend... Rob and I are joining his sister and mom for the big move to Auburn. Sarah, Rob's sister is going to be a freshman this year and we are packing her up and taking her down.  It's going to be very bittersweet.  I'll never forget the feeling of mine and Anna's parents dropping us off in Teague, making endless trips to target and hanging everything just right in our little dorm room so that we would feel settled and have everything we needed. Gosh, that was such a fun time.  I was clueless of what the next 4 years would bring and how quickly they would pass.  Anna and I had the pleasure of living together all four years. Gosh miss her.  so... Back to Sarah.  We are going to be leaving her to have the best four years of college.  She is going to love and I just know it's going to take me back. I am super pumped about being in Auburn, seeing all the sweet kids moving in and only wishing it was me! :)


But....Anna is about to start teaching third grade at Houston Academy in Dothan and I am just working in Nashville :). Which I absolutely adore! I really do love it here so much. While Auburn was the most wonderful thing and much too short, Nashville is top notch.  Our little group of friends had a cookout last night, which was a blast.  I love have 1 or 2 friends in the group that plan things for us to do. It's great.  Maggie, Molly and I just play house and work and clean and eat all the time.  We have been traveling so much with weddings this summer that there hasn't been a whole lot of time to just be at home and enjoy it.  But... Several weeks ago I finished this lamp and when my fam came that weekend, my dad hung it! I actually am very pleased with the way it turned out. I got the frame at the Nashville flea market and then covered it with twine!


Well the rain just came to nashville. It was definitely time. I love a good summer shower/storm. So I am heading to lunch, have a great weekend!


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  1. o my goodness. those pics of kree are sooooo beautiful!